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About The Program


To "Educate. Execute. Empower. The Dancer in YOU". Through this motto we will work to develop and enhance each students' craft while taking the art beyond dance. We firmly believe that each dancer has the ability to become a better individual and artist through our dance program by promoting physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being. Our goal is to provide quality and effective dance education while enriching lives. We aspire to inspire all levels of dancers and the communities across the world to pursue their passion and purpose in life. We are dedicated to bringing UNITY through the arts.


To inspire our communities with a mobile dance education (non-competitive) and offer performance/ministry opportunities in an environment that will motivate, educate, inspire and develop an appreciation of the art and/or the ministry of dance. Through our mission and vision, we will create a change in our world's present and future through our dancers. WE will strive for excellence.

About the Owner

Excerpt From Biography:

LATONYA REAGOR, ballerina/dancer, singer, musician, actor, a licensed and ordained clergy minister, is a native of the state of Virginia and raised both in Virginia and Louisiana. Developing many years of dance experience traveling with churches,  outreach ministries, celebrity/local gospel artists and through school, she was never formally trained in her beginning years of life. She journeyed on her own road of Damascus. On this road, the perception of her life met the trajectory of her life with the innate for the arts. The Gifted meeting the Gift and the Gift meeting the Call.


LaTonya is your non-traditional professional dancer. At a late age, she experienced her first formal training at the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre Dance School called the “Dancers’ Workshop”. Throughout life, the sight of living out her passion seemed to be at a far reach. She further pursued a career in the medical field. With a heart and passion to serve and to help people, she experienced a roller-coaster college life between medical studies and the arts. She then later discovered her perception of purpose was through an unfocused lens.


"Join Us in impacting lives through the Arts one person at a time by choosing to have a HeART of Giving. We greatly appreciate your kind act of support of any size."   


                                                                                                - From the Desk of the Owner

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