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LATONYA REAGOR, ballerina/dancer, singer, musician, actor, a licensed and ordained clergy minister, is a native of the state of Virginia and raised both in Virginia and Louisiana. Developing many years of dance experience traveling with churches,  outreach ministries, celebrity/local gospel artists and through school, she was never formally trained in her beginning years of life. She journeyed on her own road of Damascus. On this road, the perception of her life met the trajectory of her life with the innate for the arts. The Gifted meeting the Gift and the Gift meeting the Call.


LaTonya is your non-traditional professional dancer. At a late age, she experienced her first formal training at the Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre Dance School called the “Dancers’ Workshop”. Throughout life, the sight of living out her passion seemed to be at a far reach. She further pursued a career in the medical field. With a heart and passion to serve and to help people, she experienced a roller-coaster college life between medical studies and the arts. She then later discovered her perception of purpose was through an unfocused lens.

Now she is training in dance at Contemporary Ballet Dallas in Dallas, TX under the primary training of Janicka Arthur and Ruth Ziegler. LaTonya served as a 2018 cast member of the Christian musical production, The PROMISE, in Glen Rose, Texas under the direction of Chuck King at the renowned Texas Amphitheater. She served as a dancer and an understudy in The PROMISE Dance Company. Shortly after, LaTonya was casted as an actress and featured dancer in the musical production, Black Nativity – The Holiday Gospel Celebration 2018 by Langston Hughes under the direction of Selmore Lorenzo Haines with musical direction by Anthony Holmes and choreography by Quintin Jones at the Bishop Arts Theater Center in Dallas, TX. In June 2019, LaTonya went on a Summer Tour to Costa Rica and Peru, including the Amazon Jungle, to do missions through the arts as a dance member of Arrows International Summer Team 2019, based in Edmond, Oklahoma, under the direction of Jeff and Natalie Lewis. She also serves in the dance ministry of her local church. After years of seeking God, LaTonya walks in a greater level of obedience by pursuing her passion in dance. LaTonya is also a Certified Progressive Ballet Technique (PBT) Instructor.

Teaching, choreographing, producing, collaborating and mentoring through the arts are the driving spectrums of our owner and director. LaTonya also has a heart, passion and call to mental health and to the youth. In marrying all three areas together - nursing, dance and mental health, is the birth of A Worship Arts Dance Class, LLC - "Educate. Execute. Empower. The Dancer in YOU".

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